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How to Make Classic Meatloaf

Learn a few tricks and techniques that will make your meatloaf the best ever. In this video, you’ll learn how to make a classic meatloaf. What’s the secret to great meatloaf? Adding fresh, very finely diced vegetables to give the meatloaf moisture and flavor. See how it’s done. Chef John also reveals his secret meatloaf seasonings. Discover the best way to mix the meat and form a loaf so it’s not too dense or tough. Find out how to keep your fingers from sticking to the meat as you form it into a loaf. You’ll also get a simple glaze recipe. Check out the recipe for Chef John’s Classic Meatloaf. This hearty meatloaf is the perfect meal for cool fall and winter evenings. Serve it with mashed potatoes and simple mushroom gravy.

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  • nopolo

The meatloaf recipe was flavorful. Problem is not getting measurements on vegie meatloaf was falling apart even during baking.

  • Jeri

I don't think it's the veggies that hold it together, it's the egg and/or bread crumbs. So you may need 2 eggs, or increase the amount of bread crumbs you make into the paste.

  • April

I just made this and It was AMAZING!!!!! The most delicious meatloaf I have ever had. The only bummer for me was I don't have one of those food processors to make veggies smaller. I just cut them up as tiny as I could. My whole family and kids loved this!