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Thai Shrimp Spirals

In this video, watch Hannah whip up the perfect appetizer, Thai shrimp spirals. All it takes is fresh or thawed frozen shrimp, marinating and dipping sauce, and a sheet of Pepperidge FarmĀ® puff pastry. The pastry is cut into thin strips which are wound around each shrimp on a skewer. The result? Little Thai-flavored shrimp packages of goodness.

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  • jodyinga

Just pause the video as you write down the ingredients that she gives precisely in her demonstration. Being a big fan of coconut shrimp, I am going to sprinkle coconut over the puff pastry and roll in it into the pastry when I roll it out. You can also use crescent rolls that are rolled together before slicing if you can't find puff pastry. I am making these for a large crowd for the super bowl and am using all of the marinade on the shrimp and a coconut shrimp dipping sauce. Have fun with it! I'm also thinking of doing something with this recipe and a flat iron steak!

  • mylives

Why show it if we can't get the recipe?

  • Lynda Reid-Bennett

this looks great... definitely trying this tomorrow nite