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Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

In this video, you’ll see how to make fresh spring rolls with cooked shrimp. So much healthier than fried rolls, these fresh rolls are stuffed full of good stuff, like rice vermicelli, cooked shrimp, and lots of fresh herbs. You’ll also see how to make delicious dipping sauces. Watch the video, then get Paula’s top-rated recipe for Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls.

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  • Marcia Greer

I make these a lot and you don't need to have a bowl of water. Just run the wrapper under the faucet and lay it out on a dinner plate. They soften really fast. Also, sub regular basil for Thai basil. Celery leaves make a good sub for cilantro if you can't eat it. I would use carrot shreds, daikon radish shreds and lettuces/sprouts with some nutritional value. As presented this is fairly devoid of nutrition. Kick up the sauce with coconut water in place of water and use palm sugar (which would be more authentic.) If allergic to peanuts, leave them out which is the usual way to serve Hoisin sauce. A third sauce to dip in is straight up garlic chili sauce from the jar or sriracha.

  • Trang Thuy Nguyen

My Vietnamese way is to use lettuce, carrot, coriander, noodle and shrimp :) We actually do not use Hoisin sauce in Vn (it's chinese sauce isnt it) but we use the other dipping sauce mentioned.

  • Angela Marien

This is missing julienned carrots, cucumbers, and bean sprouts, as well as jalapeños to taste.