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Cake Pop Maker

What’s more fun than cake on a stick? In this video, you’ll learn how to use the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker, a fun kitchen gadget that’s as easy to use as a waffle iron. All you do is spoon cake batter into the pan, and in a few minutes, you have cake on a stick. It’s like a popsicle made of cake. You’ll also see how to add frosting and sprinkles to your cake balls. Go ahead, have a ball! Need recipes? We have several recipes for cake pops for you try.

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  • tonisbakingtime

I bake the cake and mix with frosting, set then dip :p But...if you get this and make waffles, then slice them in half and dip in powdered sugar. YUM!

  • SunnyDaysNora

Nice to see how easy this can be!

  • foodie57

I'd like other recipes, appetizer-like to make in this appliance.