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How to Stuff a Pork Loin

In this video, you’ll see how to butterfly a pork loin, then stuff, wrap, and tie it for roasting. These techniques are very easy and require no special skills or fancy tools, just a little string. You’ll start with a boneless pork loin. You’ll see how to butterfly it, season it, and then stuff it with a basic bread stuffing (any stuffing recipe you’d use for your Thanksgiving turkey would work great here). Once stuffed, you’ll roll your roast snuggly, wrap it in caul-fat (you’ll also learn what “caul-fat” is!), and tie it up with string. Finally, you’ll see how to roast the pork loin so it browns beautifully without becoming dried out.

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  • cookingfool

Chef John answers all your questions in his video.

  • Carolecooks

What a fantastic meal I created for New Year's Eve using Chef John's instructions. While my butterflying was not as nice as his, I put figs in my pork stuffing, tied it all up (rubbed with olive oil as I couldn't find the cull fat) and I would love to post a pic to show it off. Thank YOU Chef John!

  • jenny

i love his voice and cadence. very comforting and he incorporates comments which help a novice not feel intimidated. i have watched several of his videos and made all of the recipes...all turned out great! thanks chef john!!!