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Buddy and Bubba's Homemade Dog Food

In this Homemade Pet Food video, you’ll see how to make dog food from scratch that your dog will love. The recipe features chicken, beef, oats, rice, and veggies, and can be adapted to other ingredients you have on hand. Get the recipe for BKBishop’s Buddy’s and Bubba’s Homemade Dog Food.

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  • Emma

i've heard that garlic is great for dogs.. acts like a natural flea repellant

  • Suzanne Decarie-Storey

Great recipes...

  • Lisa

Dogs can have garlic. Although an entire clove seems like a lot for the portion they are making and I would use it every other batch. The only problem I see is that a lot of dogs would get major gas from the beef, broc. and beans. I didn't see where the olive oil was used either and that also seems like a lot of oil for the portion made.