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Grilling Steak

Master the grill in less than 2 minutes! In this video, you’ll see how to grill steaks to perfection. You’ll learn about different cuts of steaks, from sirloin to filet mignon, about marbling, and about the importance of choosing steaks of uniform thickness. Discover a simple way to tell when your pre-heated grill is at just the right temperature. Finally, you’ll learn why letting your steak rest briefly after cooking is such a critical step to getting a perfectly juicy, delicious steak. Get a 5-star grilled steak recipe.

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  • donnam

Quick and easy instructions on grilling a steak. Steak rubs are excellent to add flavor, and I would highly recommend a good cut of rib eye. This video is great for a beginner or for those who have difficulty perfecting grilling a steak.

  • suelee

Good video for beginners like me. Informative and helpful. Thanks : )

  • deborahnel

I didn't think the finished steak looked good at all. Rare, with a few dark grill marks. Where's the sizzle, the juice, the seared outside? There was no warning about poking it and turning it more than once. I think you can do better.