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How to Make Buffalo Wing Sauce

Buffalo-style chicken wings are the ultimate game day or party appetizer. In this video, you’ll learn how to make original Buffalo-style chicken wing sauce. It’s a quick, simple sauce that’s booming with flavor. And all it takes are a few minutes on the stove. Discover the secret ingredient to authentic wing sauce and learn ways to kick up the heat if you like. You’ll also see a technique for shaking up the wings with the sauce—just like they do it in Buffalo. This sauce is also great on chicken sandwiches. Get Chef John’s recipe for Buffalo Chicken Wing Sauce. And check out his patented method for how to eat a chicken wing. It's pure genius!

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  • Sheila

I couldn't find the recipe for the basic oven-fried wings on allrecipes. If I'm gonna do this, I want to do it right. Am I missing it?

  • peachtea5000

check out his spicy mustard chix wing recipe.. you can do an advanced search under recipes.. chef john at the bottom, and then just wings up top.. you'll see it :)

  • jab

Sheila, the basic recipe from Chef John is on