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Traditional White Bread

In this video, you’ll see how to make traditional sandwich bread. This classic white bread bakes up with a light center and a beautiful golden brown crust. It’s so easy to make! Watch the video, then get Danialle’s top-rated recipe for Traditional White Bread. The recipe calls for lard, but you can easily substitute butter or vegetable oil if you prefer.

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  • happysoupandrice

Nothing tastes better than a hot, fresh loaf of bread! This video inspires me to start making my own homemade bread!

  • Blessed Baker

One of my fondest memories as a child is my mom making homemade bread and serving it to us after it cooled down, just enough to eat without burning your hands or mouth, and nicely buttered. I have only made it a couple of times and it has been years. I really want to try making some again.

  • LazyFoodieGirl

These loaves looks great! I'll have to definitely try this recipe next! We haven't bought a loaf of bread in two months now, and I love it. :)