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Italian Vegetable Soup

In this video, you’ll see how to make Italian-style vegetable soup with loads of veggies, ground beef, macaroni, and kidney beans. Carrots, corn, cabbage, green beans—they’re all in there! Watch the video, then get Jackie’s top-rated recipe for Italian Vegetable Soup. Enjoy with a warm, crusty loaf of bread for a comforting, satisfying dinner.

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  • JacquieB

As a vegetarian I am going to try this minus the hamburger.

  • pollybac

This is very similar to my favorite Pasta e Fagioli. Mine calls for a can of Great Northern Beans in addition to the Kidney Beans, but does not have the cabbage, corn or green beans. Mine does use ditalini pasta instead of elbow macaroni. And, I use ground turkey for a bit less fat. I will use the extra veggies the next time I make it. YUM!!

  • dawn

Me too JacquieB! And I wouldn't use the canned vegetables either; fresh or frozen is much healthier ~ less sodium & more nutrients. Also, the beans should be rinsed & drained, not just drained. Fresh basil is always better than dried! I like the idea of precooking the pasta and adding a little to each serving. Will definitely do this!