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How To Make Sushi Rice

Great sushi starts with great rice. In this video, you’ll learn how to make sushi rice. Discover the two things that most determine successful sushi rice. We’ll show you the right rice to use and two easy ways to cook it, using either a fuss-free rice cooker or the stove-top method. You’ll get tips on how to rinse your rice and techniques for getting the perfect consistency—sushi rice should be fluffy and a little sticky but not too sticky! We’ll show you how to do it just right.

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  • Chelynne

These same sponsor messages are driving me nuts.

  • MrsFowler

Thanks for the tips!


Really didn't like the proportions of salt/sugar. Totally ruined a whole batch of rice. I had to start over with a different recipe... "Perfect Sushi Rice". Much better ratio for my taste.