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How to Decorate Cookies

In this video, you’ll learn how to decorate cookies, elevating plain cookies to fun, delicious art forms with festive frostings and sprinkles. We’ll show you how to make a smooth, lump-free frosting and add flavor using extracts and food coloring for an extra touch of pizzazz. You’ll see how to prevent your frosting from crusting at the top, and see how to spread or pipe the frosting, dressing up your cookies with different designs.

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  • Karen_M

Wow, seriously? That's it? *sigh*

  • BJ

I agree, with the first comment, that's it! if someone doesn't know how to do that, they shouldn't be in the kitchen!

  • lindalou333

Wow, I was looking for much more info on decorating. Anyone can already do what is in this little video.