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How to Make Fondant

Frosting a cake with fondant gives it a smooth, elegant, professional appearance. It looks tough to master, but fondant isn’t actually difficult to make. In this video, we’ll show you how to make fondant in just four easy steps. You’ll learn how to make the gelatin base in a double boiler. Then you’ll combine the gelatin mixture with confectioner’s sugar. We’ll show you how to knead the fondant; you’ll see the consistency you’re aiming for—a smooth, pliable consistency that doesn’t stick to your hands. You’ll learn how to correct for a fondant that’s too stiff or too soft. Once you’ve rolled out the fondant, top a cake with it or store it for later. We’ll show you how! See top-rated fondant recipes.

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  • darkchocolatehair

Is this based on a recipe on this site?

  • Lee Girling

I was wondering how to make it.. but also need to know how much of what goes into it.

  • Lee Girling

never mind.. i found it