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How to Make Cookies

Learn how to make perfect cookies from scratch. In this video, you’ll see how easy it is to make a basic cookie recipe in just a few easy steps. Sift the dry ingredients, then build flavor by adding chocolate chips, unsalted nuts, and dry fruits. We’ll show you when to combine the wet and dry ingredients with fun flavorings. You’ll see a neat trick for getting uniform-size cookies. Be sure to give them enough room on the parchment paper-covered cookie sheet, then just bake and serve! It’s always a good idea to have cookies on hand, and with this recipe, it’s easy, too!

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the sugar cookies look wonderful!

  • Elizabeth Baxter Hardin Duckwo

Ladies.....this is more a lesson in following directions rather than following a recipe.

  • Catherine Phitides

what are the measurments?????? the cookies could come out totally wrong if i use the wrong measurments:(