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How To Can Fruits and Vegetables

A time-honored summer and fall tradition, canning is a great way to save money, share recipes, and enjoy garden fruits and vegetables long after the growing season’s over. In this video, you’ll learn how to can. We’ll show you an easy home-canning method that uses boiling water to heat and seal jars. This water-bath method is great for canning foods with high acid content like jams and jellies, tomatoes, salsas, and pickled vegetables. You’ll see all other tools and canning supplies you’ll need and learn how to properly sterilize the jars and lids. See a trick for releasing air bubbles and a trick for sealing lids. You’ll learn how to tell if your mason jars are properly vacuum sealed and ready for safe storage. Learn how long your canned foods will stay fresh and get tips and additional resources for ensuring safe canning. You’ll be surprised how simple and easy home canning is!

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  • Jennifer Brangaccio Marks

I don't need to turn them upside down!! after they come out of final bath. Jen

  • Lillian

I have to try canning someday! I want to make hot pepper jelly! I just have to be brave and do it! This video is a huge help! I'll be playing in in slow motion the first time I try canning!

  • Joel Nickerson

Going to do some gardening and canning next year. Got some really good recipes from my Mom who canned every year we had a garden. Saves a lot of money and is fun too.