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Spinach Caprese Salad

In this video, you’ll see how to update the classic Italian caprese salad of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil by adding fresh spinach leaves as the base of the salad. The delicious summery flavors are the same, but the salad packs an additional nutritional punch because of the addition of the spinach. Get the recipe for McBeal’s Spinach Caprese Salad.

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  • BarbT

In a traditional Italian Caprese salad no vinegar is added, only olive oil. I think the balsamic will overwhelm the flavors. I would suggest using just olive oil with salt and pepper.

  • Fintan

Why do you call them "Shrimp"? aren't they Prawns?I thought shrimp were only a little bigger than what we pick out of Whelk shells

  • Peggy Saunders

I love the flavor of balsamic glaze on this salad!