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Blackened Chicken

In this video, you’ll see how to make super-fast blackened chicken. This Cajun method of preparing spicy charred chicken begins with boneless chicken breasts being treated to a serious spice rub, then seared in a cast iron skillet on high, high heat, before being finished in the oven. See how it’s done! Watch the video, then get Karena's 5-star recipe for Blackened Chicken. This is an incredibly quick-and-easy recipe. Dinner’s on the table in about 20 minutes!

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  • dastickl

Why use the baking sheet? Can't you just put the cast iron skillet directly into the oven?

  • David Lee

The cast iron skillet is too hot. The chicken will end up burnt on the side that is down. Burnt is not the same as Blackened. ;-)

  • shadowwalker04

That's what I would do -- Just place it in the oven with the skillet.. I have a Moraccan Spice that has the same kick and I'm going to use that...