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Chai Tea Mix

In this video, you’ll see how to make instant chai tea mix from scratch. This dry chai mix combines milk powder and creamer with ground spices, sugar, and instant tea. Simply blend everything into a fine powder. Now you can always have a delicious hot cup of homemade spicy chai tea on hand. It’s also a great Christmas gift for the chai lovers in your life! Watch the video, then get Jo’s 5-star recipe for Chai Tea Mix. So delicious! Just add hot water. You can also make chai tea latte or cold chai or blend it with ice cream for a yummy chai milkshake!

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  • Cyd_Delve

Wow! Two and a half cups of sugar! Not exactly diabetic-friendly, is it? I guess I'll stick with my Twining's Chai tea bags, Splenda, and skim milk...

  • JCD

Where do you buy "instant tea" in USA and/or Canada?

  • Tarah Pyka

JCD- you can buy instant tea at any old grocery/target/walmart. Lipton makes one