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How to Season Cast Iron

Cast iron pans, pots, skillets, griddles, and Dutch ovens are practically indestructible. They can last for generations. The key to cast iron’s longevity is seasoning. In this video, you’ll learn how to season, cook with, and care for cast iron cookware so it lasts for years and years. Seasoning cast iron is simple. We’ll show you how a thin, protective layer of vegetable oil, baked into the skillet, helps prevent rust from developing. Re-seasoning your cast iron pan will build up over time a terrific non-stick surface. You’ll see how to properly prepare your cast iron pan before you season it for the first time, and you’ll learn why this is the only time you’ll want to use soap to clean it. You’ll also discover the benefits of cooking with cast iron—the dry, even heat, which browns meats, crisps baked goods, and caramelizes vegetables like no other type of cookware. You’ll also see how easy it is to clean a well-seasoned cast iron skillet! Cast iron, it’s not just for the chuck wagon!

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  • Ryan Aarstad

Um, yeah, you're not supposed to wash cast iron with soap.

  • Frakkin

@Johnny: If you paid attention, you'd notice it's only washed before it's seasoned. They point out this is the only time you ever use soap, and not to wash it with soap afterwards; only hot water.

  • jademas

My mom is from Kentucky and her cast iron pan is over 3 years old and is the best pan I've ever used. I was amazed but this is the exact process she uses. She never washes with soap and now there is no need to even use a brush it's so seasoned. And she rubs a coat of oil everytime before storing in the cupboard. She uses it to make fudge and gravy for biscuits but its perfect for any dirty job.