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Authentic Mexican Tortillas

In this video, you’ll see how to create authentic Mexican tortillas from scratch. The kneading is done using a fork while the dough is in the mixing bowl, which makes this a super-easy recipe. They cook up in just a minute or two, and then are ready to use in your favorite Mexican casserole or other dish. Get the recipe for Jamie Mikall Martinez’s Authentic Mexican Tortillas.

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  • SombradeRosa

Authentic, not quite, but close. Use your hands to kneed the dough. roll them round by flipping and rotating a 1/4 turn. Avoid oil to heat, once griddle/pan is hot lower the heat to medium/ medium low, otherwise they will burn. If you want seriously great flour tortillas, use lard. Most other shortening can cause cracking (note, butter is worse than lard).

  • righteousness73

I loved the recipe and thank you for it.

  • jamesl35

Sorry Vicky....Look at the state of Sonora.Flour is the main tortilla here.I live here