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World's Best Peanut Fudge

In this video, you’ll see how to make amazing peanut butter fudge. This creamy fudge combines peanut butter with marshmallow cream, butter, and milk. It’s so simple! And makes a terrific Christmas gift, too. Watch the video, then get Debby’s 5-star recipe for World's Best Peanut Fudge. Rich and peanutty, it’s too good to make only at Christmas time! See more top-rated Christmas Food Gifts >>

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  • Jim

I made worlds peanut butter fudge. And this recipe is awesome I would give this recipe more than two thumbs up But I only have two :)

  • Paula

You can't get any easier than this. Looks like a great food gift for this year.

  • Reem

Hi I live in Jordan, in the middle east. i was wondering about the marshmallow cream, can i replace it with another ingredient because we don't have it? thanks in advance.