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Bacon Risotto

In this video, you’ll see how to make simple bacon risotto. This recipe combines the creamy texture of risotto with the wonders of crispy bacon! If you’re a bacon lover, don’t pass this recipe by. See how it’s done! Watch the video, then get FURFNSLO’s 5-star recipe for Bacon Risotto. Mmm, it’s a little like a risotto version of pasta carbonara.

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  • Kathleen

In the original photo it shows peas added to this recipe, which looks yummy! How come it wasn't in the video?

  • Sharon

In the first paragraph under the video is the name of the recipe highlighted in blue. If you click on this, you will get a printed recipe. Hope this helps.

  • Karla Cooks

Karen, just click on the blue "Bacon Risotto" in the paragraph under the video. It'll take you to the recipe.