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Organic Homemade Baby Food

“What’s Cooking?” visits Allrecipes cook Brenda in her home town of Ypsilanti, Mich. Brenda is a busy mom who likes to take advantage of local organic foods to prepare her own homemade baby food. It’s easy! She provides great tips for making baby food, and an ingenious idea for freezing it in ice trays. The frozen cubes preserve well in the freezer and make perfectly sized portions for later.

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  • Marilyn

When I watch a video on this website, I only want to see the food prepared. My time is important to me. Most of the videos on this website are right on target and show only relevant info. Take the hint.

  • TheBritishBaker

Thank you for sharing your recipe Brenda.

  • Jennifer C. Martin

LOVE making homemade food for my baby. He's past this stage now, but if/when I have another, I can't wait to get more elaborate recipes like this one!