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Lemon Square Bars

In this video, you’ll see how to make sweet and slightly tart lemon bars with a buttery crust. These tasty, traditional lemon cookies can be dressed up by adding a simple layer of meringue if you like. You’ll also see a great trick that makes it easy to cut the bars and remove them from the baking pan. Watch the video, then get RCOMP’s 5-star recipe for Lemon Square Bars. Add a dusting of confectioner's sugar before serving!

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  • ChefKey

Ok I never knew this but, spraying the pan then lining the pan with parchment paper then spraying it again, so the crust won't stick.. what an awesome tip! BTW is that Giada's voice? Sounds like it.Sounds like a great tip to share on ChefKey..mmmm! I love lemon squares!

  • Jac

I tested this recipe and the lemon bars were terrific! Although I have used brazilian lemons, the bars turned out quite tasteful. Thank you very much for sharing the recipe.

  • Street Smart Chef

so easy ... you only thought they were hard to make because they are so good