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Burger or Hot Dog Buns

In this video, you’ll see how to make soft hamburger or hot dog buns from scratch. These simple yeast buns will add a gourmet twist to your next cookout. You’ll see how to shape the dough to make either hamburger or hot dog buns. Watch the video, then get Sally's 5-star recipe for Burger or Hot Dog Buns. They’re so quick and easy to make; you may never buy buns from the grocery store again.

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  • Cari

Made these buns on Sunday. They turned out amazing that I don't want store bought ones Amy more! Plus, no preservatives and you KNOW what is in there,....Love homemade food!

  • Jo DeBell

ARGH!!! These would've turned out perfectly, but the dumb tea towels stuck to my buns and pulled half of the dough off when I removed them!! The buns weren't sticky at all when I shaped them, but sometime during rising they must've become damp and I ruined the whole batch :( Next time I'll skip the towel and use oiled saran wrap

  • Karen

I can't use eggs and will be using soy milk. Crossing my fingers that this will work for us