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How to Debone a Chicken Breast

Boneless chicken breasts might be the most versatile cut of poultry. But buying boneless chicken breasts from the grocery store gets pricey in a hurry. Fortunately you can save money by removing the bones yourself. In this video, you’ll learn how to debone a chicken breast, removing the breast meat from the bone in just three easy steps. And the only tools you’ll need are a clean cutting board and a sharp knife with a narrow blade. You’ll get tips for handling your knife safely and for prepping your chicken breasts. You’ll see the easiest technique for removing the breast meat from the rib bones. You can do so much with low-fat boneless chicken breasts: stuff, grill, sauté, slice up for stir fries, cube for skewers, and more. Plus, when you remove the bone from the breast meat, you’ll have bones left over for making chicken stock.

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  • KGora

BLSL breasts are a little costly than bone-in breasts. This will help save a little money when I'm looking for boneless :)

  • Arizona Desert Flower

Thanks for the tips!

  • plowman

It's actually much easier to bone a whole breast than the split ones. This video makes you take a whole breast and then split it. To bone a whole breast start with the skin up and bear down on the center part until the central cartilage member breaks out along with the wish bone. Turn it over and pull out the central cartilage part, then slip your fingers under the ribs and pull them off the meat. Watch out for the broken wishbone, it can scratch you painfully. A boning knife doesn't really come into play except for trimming fat and gristle. This is the way we did it in a restaurant that featured a whole stuffed breast recipe. I think I did thousands over the years.