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Vietnamese Sandwich

In this video, you’ll see how to make an authentic Vietnamese sandwich loaded with spicy pork, cucumber, and cilantro. These delicious baguette sandwiches, called banh mi in Vietnamese, celebrate French-influenced Vietnamese cooking and are a nice break from everyday sandwiches. They’re also a great way to use up leftover pork! Watch the video, then get SONNYCHIBA’s 5-star recipe for a Vietnamese Sandwich. The key here is the garlic chili sauce. You can find the chili sauce in most larger grocery stores; substitute sambal or Korean chili paste if like.

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  • Sharon Puett

If the chops are cut that thin, it would be better to saute them on the stove top

  • yobeaux

I have eaten Bahn Mi in many Viet restruants and have never seen one like this. In this video the meat is way to thick. Should be in thin slices, no lime juice and add a slice of hot pepper.


That is the worse example of a Vietnamese Banh Me I have ever seen. I have been married to a Vietnamese girl for 44 years and that sandwich you just made might be an American Sandwich but it is in no way a Vietnamese Banh Me