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Excellent Broccoli Cheese Soup

In this video, you’ll see how to make a simple broccoli and Cheddar cheese soup from scratch. You’ll see how to prepare the simple roux and create the creamy base with milk and chicken stock. Fresh broccoli and Cheddar cheese add final touches to this top-rated recipe. Watch the video, then get NATHAN’s 5-star recipe for Excellent Broccoli Cheese Soup. For a tasty vegetarian version, substitute vegetable stock for the chicken stock. You can also use this recipe as a base for potato and other vegetable soups!

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  • ladonnaga

you can also do a cream of onion soup with this base!! Vidallia sweet onions are the best!

  • Marann4

I loved the video! Very helpful

  • Ken

I can believe this would be good with all the butter and cheese in it, but it looks like heart attack in a bowl. How can this be modified to get the fat and calories down?