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How to Make the All-American Burger

Big, juicy cheeseburgers just might be the all-American summertime comfort food. In this video, you’ll learn how to combine simple, everyday ingredients to make the most flavorful homemade burgers ever. You’ll get step-by-step instructions for forming and grilling the hamburger patties, and helpful tips for adding the cheese and toasting the buns. Serve these delicious burgers with a variety of toppings and condiments for a quick and easy grilled recipe you’ll want to make all season long. Check out top-rated recipes for beef burgers.

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  • kmayer

This is delish! Best juiciest burgers I've made! Instead of adding the s+p right away, I wait until right before we put them on the grill -- it helps not to soak up all the seasoning and juices from the burgers a little bit. Just something I've always done. This is so easy and delish...even great reheated for leftovers!

  • lovelyevenstar

Love love love these, best hamburger seasoning recipe I've tried &better than any of the ones I've had at home growing up (both of my parents were good cooks). In fact I love these more than the kind I can get at restaurants. I make mine with bison & omg everyone loves :)

  • JANET712

Tried this and it works fine and tastes great, although I can personally do without the garlic. Very juicy. No hint of a meatloaf taste or texture, which is something I did worry about. Can't wait to try again with the suggestions I read here.