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How to Make Classic BBQ Ribs

This two-part method for grilling babyback pork ribs comes straight out of Kansas City, one of the great barbeque capitals of America. You’ll see how to develop maximum flavor in the ribs and sauce, and get a simple recipe for a tasty ribs rub. Then we’ll show you a terrific technique for grill-steaming your ribs in a roasting pan on a bed of oranges and onions before adding the ribs directly to the grill. Learn the right temperatures for both grill-steaming and grilling your ribs. With this no-fail grilling method, you’ll get perfect fork-tender ribs. Find top-rated recipes for barbequed ribs.

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  • donnam

I usually use a smoker when making ribs, but this looks like something worth trying! I especially like the idea of the "orange bed" and think that may make the ribs over the top!

  • paul

restaurants cant go through all that trouble every time a customer wants spare ribs, how do they do it?

  • Carmel

Paul: They buy them ready made and flash frozen. Thaw and pop on the grill or bake in oven. You can buy them from Kansas City Steaks, Omaha Steaks or Corky's. I've made them from scratch also, but the restaurants must use the frozen type.....they are great for a crowd.