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How to Make Tzatziki Sauce

A cool classic, this creamy cucumber and yogurt sauce is a great accompaniment for everything from meat to vegetables. In this video, you’ll discover the preferred yogurt base, and get tips on peeling, seeding, and dicing cucumbers for the sauce. Then we’ll show you how to draw the water out of cucumbers to ensure a thick, creamy tzatziki sauce. You’ll see how to get a smooth sauce that’s perfect for gyros, lamb kebabs, and any other meats or veggies you can put on the grill. It’s simply delicious.

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  • Konstantina

Yes it is delicious but not thick as it is mentioned in this video. By dicing the cucumber and adding salt you still get a watery tzatziki sauce. If you prefer a THICK sauce/dip you must grate and then squeeze in handfuls. Another thing is that the blender/food processor also makes the sauce watery, a whisk is preferable.

  • Bienchen

I would never do Olive oil in my Tzatziki sauce and I just stirr it with a spoon. To get the sauce a little thicker you just combine two tablespoon light sour cream with the Greek jogurt. I don't like junks in my Tzatziki so I also great the Cucumber and I let it drain for an hour or more. I think my Tzatziki has less calories. If you don' t have to watch out for calories you can also use the regular sour cream.

  • *~Lissa~*

I love tzatziki, especially with falafel! I agree that this doesn't look like a very thick sauce. I like mine thick and chunky so I would probably skip the blender and mash my garlic to a paste and stir it all together.