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How to Make Sangria

This Spanish and Portuguese favorite is now a sensation in the United States! And why not? Sangria is the perfect refresher. In this video, you’ll learn how to make this adult-friendly fruity punch that makes the very most of inexpensive wine. You’ll also get a few tips for adding exciting cut fruit combinations, including tasty seasonal fruit pairings, and tricks for getting extra flavor from your sangria.

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  • William Valderrama

Definitely not how I would make sangria. I like to put orange juice in mine and a better way is to crush all the fruit inside of the pitcher and then strain it, afterwards adding freshly cut chunks of fruit for garnish.

  • Laura Bloomer Hoerth

Great video. I made my sangria exactly as demonstrated in this video and it turned out wonderful.

  • GA Hole In 1 GAL

My Ya Ya girlfriends have Christmas in November over in Nashville each year. I plan to make Sangria this year. I really thought you would add orange juice also. I would add vodka instead of run, but that is just my choice. I am most interested in any recipes that you have tried and tested. I plan to add a peach and a plum to mine.