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Potluck Pepperoni Bread

Charlotte, N.C., cook Suzi Allora’s specialty is low-fat, high-flavor cakes and frostings. Today she is showing us how to make Potluck Pepperoni Bread. There are really no set ingredients for this recipe. This time she used pepperoni and mozzarella, but Suzi likes to substitute spinach as a vegetarian alternative. You can use any variety of veggies including broccoli, artichokes, asparagus, and zucchini. Mozzarella’s a given, but you could mix in fresh parmesan or ricotta. Besides pepperoni, you can try Canadian bacon, ham, or Italian sausage. Watch the video, then get the recipe for Suzi's Potluck Pepperoni Bread.

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  • Peggi Weaver Tebben

That just has to be good!

  • Blessed Baker

This video caught my attention for a couple of reasons 1) My whole family loves pizza! 2) We go to several potluck meals and I am always looking for something new to bring. Found out while watching this that I have two things in common with Suzi. I also married my high school sweetheart and Christmas is my favorite holiday. This looks easy, yummy, and my bet is it's crowd-pleasing too!

  • TheBritishBaker

Looks interesting, pretty sure its not something I will use for the holidays but I'm sure my family would love it with an italian dinner. Thank you for sharing Suzi.