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How to Cut Up a Whole Chicken

It’s one of the great ways to save money at the grocery store! Buy a whole chicken and cut it up into individual pieces yourself. In this video, you’ll see how to cut a whole chicken into easy-to-use pieces perfect for stews, grilling, baking, or dredging in flour and frying. All you need is a cutting board and a very sharp knife. You’ll also get smart tips for handling your knife safely and discover a few tricks for cutting through and around joints and tough cartilage. By cutting up your own chicken, you’ll also save money by reserving the unused chicken pieces to make delicious homemade chicken stock.

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  • Papa & The Big Fella

I've been cutting up chickens a long time. Taught myself. I'm puzzled as to what you did with the breast and back here. When I taught the Big Fella how to cut up a chicken I emphasized the placement of the sharp blade between the joints on the dark meat and then I cut away the back from the breast. Then split the breast into two breasts. I've been told this is different form the norm but much better!

  • LeadSinger

Why throw the liver away? It can be used for pate..just freeze and when a few have been saved, defrost, add finely chopped onion, a little mayo, salt and pepper and there you have it! Great on crackers as an appetizer!


why is the chicken being cut on a wooden cutting board?