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How to Grill Steaks

Nothing’s more simple than cooking a steak on the grill, right? True enough. But there are a few tricks that will give you a perfect, juicy steak with a flavorful crust every time. In this video you’ll learn what to look for when choosing steaks, discover the differences between cuts of steaks—and get the best techniques for grilling different cuts of steak. You’ll also learn how best to prepare your steaks for the barbeque and how to prep a charcoal grill correctly and prevent flare-ups and sticking. These are all the secrets of the grill in three easy steps. Ready to show off your new skills? Check out these great recipes for grilled beef steaks.

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  • J P M

Very Helpful. Thanks!

  • DLJones010

This is the worst video to watch if you want to cook a steak. Unless you like dry, well done steak ignore most of this video.

  • BudS

I LOVE Ribeye steak.. I always cook on a gas grill. Here is how I do it. I marinate my steak with a litle olive oil. I also use dry rub from McCormick. I let it marinate for a day or 2. I let the steak come to room temp for about 45 min. Then I turn on the grill. Let it get to 375 F. Put on the steak for about 3 min, turn sideways so grill marks get a good look. I turn over then do the same as the first side. I use allumininum foil. after the 4 min mark I place on a plate with alluminum foil and cover. First placing 2 to 3 slices of real butter on the top. Once you have your sides ready on the plate, you are ready to put the steak on and drench with the juices. Hope this helps. Happy Grilling.