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How to Make Lasagna

A classic combination of red sauce, wide noodles, and cheese layered up into a delicious casserole, lasagna only looks difficult to make. Learn how to create a beautiful, classic lasagna in just a few easy steps, plus get tips and suggestions for vegetarian or seafood lasagnas and other clever variations on the standard baked lasagna. Plus, learn the best way to layer your lasagna and discover a few secrets for building good body and structure.

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  • pixiecrossing

Substitute swiss for the mozzz...tasty!

  • giuseppe

yes i made this and was good ! My only concern was layering. When I maker my lasagna I layer only the bottom middle and top. I use the noodles that you do not have to cook serperatly. I mix Ricotta and mozzarella and grated cheese next. i mix this with 3 eggs. then noddles, next mix ground beef, Italian sausage, veal and pork all precooked and then noddles and sauce over this.

  • Antone_009

I want to make this for me and my gf! my favorite food!