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How to Make Pancakes

It’s easy to make your own fluffy pancakes from scratch. This video will teach you the secrets to making perfect golden-brown pancakes. Starting with six basic ingredients, you’ll learn the right heat for your griddle and the correct way to pour batter onto the skillet. You’ll discover the signs that tell you when to flip your pancakes and when to add a touch more butter, and you’ll learn how to prevent your butter from burning. These are simple, straightforward, and indispensable instructions for how to make a breakfast classic. Get top-rated pancake recipes.

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  • ptd629

I like my pancakes thin with a crispy edge. Anyone have tips on making them like that?

  • Batchelor Cook

For thinner pancakes and crispy edges, make the batter a little thinner. Experiment until they are as you like them. Add extra liquid to the batter between each pancake. Be sure to keep track of the extra liquid that you added so that the recipe can be reliably repeated.

  • jgn

I cut back on the flour amount to thin the batter or optionally add a bit more liquid, and fry them in a cast iron skillet with much more oil than most recipes or diets would recommend. I call them 'Flatjacks' Good Luck.