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How to Cook Bacon

Everything tastes better with bacon. In this video, you’ll learn three of the best ways to cook bacon. We’ll show you the classic stovetop pan-frying method, plus two other easy methods of cooking bacon that minimize the mess and also give you perfect, crispy bacon strips. You’ll find out why baking bacon in the oven is a great way to cook bacon for a crowd. Finally, you’ll discover a few tips for making bacon in the microwave. Find top-rated bacon recipes.

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  • jft135

Only one problem with this video; who the heck wouldn't want their entire kitchen to smell like bacon every time they use the microwave?

  • talelinna

This is a tip for any kind smelling--- use vanilla, any vanilla, just fry on pan for few min. And after no more smell.

  • Edward

This little tip was one that we used when baking bacon in the oven. We were doing over 30# of bacon for our park. Putting it under hot water to warm the grease on the bacon made it sooo much easier to seperate and it keeps the bacon from shrinking too. Try it, it works.