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Making Vanilla Cake

Homemade vanilla cake is the perfect dessert for birthdays, parties, and other celebrations. In this video, you’ll learn how to make a simple recipe for vanilla cake from scratch. We’ll show you how to prepare a cake pan and then mix the ingredients for this light and delicious party dessert. You’ll see how to tell when your vanilla cake is done and ready to come out of the oven to cool.

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  • ablapplescook

Do not even watch this video!!!!!!!! It wasted my time and it doesn't make sense. Allrecipes has to take this video off.

  • peacebewithyou

WARNING TO NEW BAKERS OR PEOPLE LEARNING ENGLISH:I agree that this Vanilla Cake video should be REMOVED. For someone trying to learn (the purpose of this video), this video is NOT RECOMMENDED. From just watching once, I see that the voice instructions sometimes differ and therefore do not match the video presentation (shortening vs. oil, for example). The sides of the pan are not greased. Also, I'm afraid that way too much salt was added to this cake--it looked like a small container of salt was being added to the cake! Dangerous. The female's voice is so professional and the cake is pretty, yet the content of the video would flunk.To be put online for millions to view, shame, shame.

  • Jodie Lynn

I feel bad if someone who has never cooked tries to follow this. It says grease pan then dumps a ton of OIL in the pan and plops flour on it. What a mess and a joke. Poor video.