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How to Make Strawberry Smoothies

Want a healthy, nutritious, and just plain delicious alternative to milkshakes? A strawberry smoothie is the way to go! It might taste decadent, but a strawberry smoothie is loaded with vitamin C, calcium, and other good stuff. Watch this video for tips on making strawberry smoothies for quick breakfasts, as rewards after a tough workout, simple snacks before dinner, or healthy desserts that are never fussy. You’ll be surprised just how fast and easy they are to make. Find more recipes for smoothies, and check out our favorite smoothies.

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  • Lon W.

Yummy. Was ablee to purchase two pounds of strawberries the other day. Yogurt is still on sale, and I always have milk available. Thanks.

  • Francisco

Sounds great! Just wish it had the measurements of how much to add for each ingredient...

  • Danielle Someeka

Can't wait to try