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How to Poach Eggs

Poached eggs make an impressive breakfast or brunch perched on toast or as the key component of Eggs Benedict. Plus, they’re delicious and so easy to make. In this video, you’ll learn how to poach eggs. You’ll get advice on the tools to use for poaching and see how to get the plumpest, prettiest poached eggs. We’ll show you how to slip the fresh cracked eggs gently into a pan of boiling water and how to keep the whites from spreading out too much. You’ll learn the signs that tell you when the eggs are ready, and get tips to ensure a soft landing when you remove them from the boiling water. There’s also a smart tip for making poached eggs in advance to feed a large crowd.

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  • Texas Sage

This is the best egg poaching video I've ever seen and it's the way I've been poaching eggs for decades for our Sunday brunch Eggs Benedict. The video de-mystifies the process that so many people are afraid to attempt. Eggs "poached" in metal or non-stick metal cups are not authentically poached. The whites are are hard and the texture is all wrong. They taste nothing like fresh eggs properly poached in a water bath. And it really is so easy, as illustrated in this video. I would suggest that anyone who is interested in expanding their cooking skills would buy a dozen eggs (they are so cheap) and practice preparing the eggs just to see how simple it is.

  • Akey

I learned how to poach an egg from a recipe book my mother gave me years ago. This is exactly what I've been doing and it's super easy. This video is perfect in show this simple technique.

  • Mindy

Oh my gosh! Finally I have found a way to poach my eggs correctly. Great video. Will look for more videos on this site.