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How to Cook Salmon

Salmon is a rich, flavorful fish and one of the healthiest foods around. It's a top source of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids and a great protein source. Salmon is also very easy to cook. In this video, you’ll learn how to cook salmon in the oven. We’ll show you how to choose and prepare and season salmon fillets. You’ll see why center cuts of salmon make the best, most tender fillets for cooking and learn how to bake salmon so you get a crisp, flavorful crust without overcooking the fish. It’s simple! You’ll get tips for judging doneness and learn why it’s best to remove salmon from the oven while it’s still slightly underdone. You’ll also see a neat tip for pulling off the salmon skin with ease. See top-rated salmon recipes.

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  • zpivat

The instruction says "when baking salmon, plan on 10 minutes for every inch of thickness". And then it goes on to say that we should bake it for 45 minutes, which means 45 minutes is for 4.5 inches. But the salmon in the video looks way less than 4.5 inch thick......what am I missing here?

  • Jolene

I think she said "four to five" minutes, not forty-five. Cause 45 minutes makes no sense at all.

  • Ritch

What is the shelf life of fresh salmon before you actually prepare it for cooking?