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How to Flip Food Like a Chef

In this video, you’ll see how to flip food in a frying pan like a pro! Trained chefs do it all the time. They grab the skillet by the handle, give it a quick, effortless flick, and the food flips perfectly. Now, Chef John is ready to reveal the top-secret “push and pull” technique for turning food over in the pan. For the purposes of practicing (and snacking), Chef John recommends using cheese balls instead of messy hot food. The other reason for using cheese balls is that they’re light and require a deft touch. Watch the video, then give it a few turns, you’ll soon be flipping food like a trained chef!

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  • bomackin

Just watched this with my daughter, and we can hardly wait to try this together! What a great memory we will make together! Thanks, Chef John, for the fun way to learn this great skill!

  • grannygigi

I always wondered how that was done! Thanks Chef John!

  • User

Do you do eggs the same way?