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Kung Pao Chicken

In this video, you’ll see how to make kung pao chicken, the spicy mainstay of Chinese restaurants. It’s surprisingly easy to make. Strips of boneless chicken breast simmer with peanuts in a spicy sauce with sesame oil, white wine, and soy sauce, which gets a nice kick from hot chili paste and vinegar. Adjust the chili paste to make this as hot or as mild as you like. Watch the video, then get Arlena's 5-star recipe for Kung Pao Chicken. It beats Chinese takeout every time!

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  • Barb Seilheimer

I didn't make it yet but am deciding whether I should. It does sound and look terribly dry.

  • Gwen10

This recipe was a total dud... dry, spicy-hot but otherwise tasteless. The sauce recipe called for only 2 tbsp of liquid, which is not enough liquid to make a "sauce"

  • Judith Hagopian

Seems to be too salty, otherwise great.