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How to Smoke a Turkey

Smoking a turkey gives it deep, rich, natural flavors. In this video, you’ll learn how to smoke a turkey. We’ll show you a method of smoking that uses low heat and smoke from water-soaked wood chips like hickory, cherry, apple or mesquite wood. You’ll discover the ideal temperature at which to smoke your turkey and see how to prepare your turkey with brines or marinades for the smoker. This slow method of roasting is a superb way to cook turkey because it makes the meat juicy and delicious. Check out our turkey barbeque and grilling recipes.

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  • Linda

Thank you so very much for all of your wonderful information and video about smoking a turkey! So much good information for someone doing this for the first time. Thanks again!

  • Rudy

My family and I love the flavor of smoked turkey. I have been smoking meats for a couple of years now and I'm always looking for new styles and flavors to try in the smoker.

  • Melva Flicker

can I smoke it in a grill?