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Pumpkin Soup

In this video, you’ll see how to make a creamy pumpkin soup flavored with garlic, fresh thyme, and parsley. You’ll puree the soup in small batches, and then add a touch of cream at the end. You can easily make this a vegetarian pumpkin soup by substituting vegetable broth for the chicken stock. Use either canned pumpkin puree or fresh pumpkin for this recipe. Watch the video, then get Lea's 5-star recipe for Pumpkin Soup. This simple soup is a great starter for Thanksgiving dinner. ).

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  • Kim D.

Simple. Flavorful. Healthful. And, no cream?! Terrific recipe! I added a can of pears at the very end to sweeten it up a bit, but it's a great soup either way. I highly suggest using a homemade chicken or vegetable stock - the delicious flavor shines through.

  • Joan Haber

Is the pumpkin roasted before blending? I have a huge fresh pumpkin from my sister's garden.

  • Pearl

Yes, the pumpkin should be cooked.