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Easy Beef Stroganoff

In this video, you’ll see how to create a top-rated beef stroganoff entrée from scratch. It combines classic ingredients like fresh mushrooms and sour cream, and tastes like you slaved for hours. But it’s ready in under 30 minutes. It will be a hit in your house. Get the recipe for Colleen’s Easy Beef Stroganoff.

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  • TerranceRAH

I was very, very disappointed with this recipe. It was incredibly bland. Just had almost no flavor whatsoever. I fixed it by replacing the sour cream with french onion dip and adding a cup of cheddar.

  • Claudette

I tried this for the first time and it turned out great!! I added a little fresh garlic with salt and pepper and everyone loved it!

  • Becky

I can see how someone with younger kids might like this recipe, as it is very bland and "kid friendly"(noodles and hamburger)However, I have no kids, and this was very reminiscent of the 'Hamburger Helper' I made in college because I didn't know how to cook at that time. Not terrible. But not delicious either.