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How to Make Tamales

Wrapped and steamed in leaves, tamales are a beautiful and delicious special occasion or holiday dish. In this video, you’ll learn how to make tamales from scratch. Tamales arrive like a gift in a corn husk or banana leaf; maybe that’s why they’re a Christmas tradition. You’ll learn all about traditional tamale fillings, like braised pork and beef, and get a glimpse of the endless variations, such as chicken, roasted vegetables, cheese, beans, or seafood. To get started, you’ll learn how to slow cook your meat with traditional seasonings and spices. You’ll see how to prepare the husks to make them pliable, then you’ll learn how to make the tamale masa, the cornmeal mixture that’s essential to making tamales. Then learn how to wrap up your tamales, combining the filling and the masa dough. Make a lot of tamales and freeze them; we'll show you how to wrap them up for storage. Find top-rated tamale recipes.

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  • gontgary

I love tamales and I love cooking, especially if it is all day. But after looking at these comments, I am discouraged. Could someone post a good video/recipe please? Or at least point me in the direction of a tamale place on the boarder that will ship out to WA state?

  • Kathleen Peterson

This is the3rd video I have watched - I am disappointed the one on YouTube was much more comprehensive - receipts by Sandy these turned out great!!

  • Sandy

I would like to spreading with the tamale spreader. You can spread a dozen per minute. Yes you can spread masa fast and easy.