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How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds

When you're carving your Halloween pumpkin, don't just throw away the seeds, roast them in the oven! In this video, you’ll learn how to roast pumpkin seeds. We’ll show you how to wash and dry your pumpkin seeds before preparing them with oil, salt, and seasonings. You’ll learn how to keep pumpkin seeds from over-browning on the roasting pan. Loaded with protein, vitamins, and minerals, roasted pumpkin seeds are delicious sprinkled over salads, sautéed with vegetables, or simply eaten out of hand. Find more sweet, savory, and spicy recipes for roasted pumpkin seeds.

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  • Daniel Patterson

Terrible video of how to make roasted pumpkin seeds... Not how you do it at all.


Except for the fact that I oil and season them in a bowl before I spread them on the baking sheet, I would say that's pretty much it.

  • Sherry

I prefer my mother's way of roasting the seeds. She spread them on a baking sheet JUST to dry overnight. Once dry, she would spray an iron skillet with PAM. I use olive oil PAM, I constantly stir and toss over medium heat and toward the end I season with Hawaiian salt.