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Greek Pasta Salad I

In this video, you’ll see how to make a delicious Greek pasta salad that’s great for entertaining, or to make your own family super-happy. It’s bright with flavors and colors, and satisfying enough to be a main course. Get the recipe for Behr’s Greek Pasta Salad I.

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  • jerseyridge

that greek salad #1 is incredibly high in salt content - feta, salami, canned olives, canned red pepper? and it says to add salt? Dont think this a good thing. I wont make it. You could sub chicken or fish (which more mediterranean in diet) - dont add salt. and use fresh green pepper for crisp. and I also didnt know scallios a greek thing - perhaps red onion?

  • Carol Behr Fuechsel

I think the Greek pasta Salad recipe looks wonderful. I am even more intrigued with the name of the provider "Behr" Since that was my maiden name, I am wondering if I am related to you?

  • Lori Slaughter Bomengen

Jerseyridge, she says add salt to water not to dish. Use something else if you like. And I think she does say use green peppers at the end for additional color? I think it looks awesome and plan on trying it!